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8 Daily Reminders That Will Shift Your Thinking


According to my 10 year old self, whose favorite movie was 13 Going on 30, I felt like I would be “thirty, flirty, and thriving.” More aligned with my current age , it would have been ” twenty five, fine and striving”. Unfortunately on many days, it feels like “twenty five, sleep deprived, and surviving”. Truth is, we are obligated on a daily basis, to make the decision on how we choose to approach the day. This concept sounds very simple and easy, but with all of the different factors in life, this decision can often be cumbersome. I truly feel like the way we live our life, is similar to the way we should care for our body. It requires daily maintenance with what we ingest, the reps we take, and intentional rest and recovery. With that in mind, I have outlined 8 daily reminders that keep me moving forward.

Reminder 1: Batman is Cool, But So Is Robin

     Sometimes when we play the support role, it helps us to appreciate the beauty of life. From this vantage point, we are able to see things with a bit more clarity and the scope has expanded, offering new points that may have been missed with the glare of the spotlight. Being in the spotlight can often block out the big picture, not allowing you to see things for what they truly are. So maybe you find yourself playing the role of Robin to the Batman in your life? Please understand that both roles are important and necessary to work towards a collective goal. Don’t ever doubt the importance of your efforts, as the engine can’t function properly if the battery isn’t charged.

Reminder 2: It’s Okay To Say No

Some people have mastered the art of saying “No”. For many others, especially those who are trying to establish their career, their brand, or maybe even the start of a new relationship… the word “no” is non-existent in their vocabulary. The word “No” can be your guide to productivity and a serve as a catalyst for reducing stress. It is important to finish more than you start, but if you continue to say “Yes” to everything, you may find yourself in a sea of unfinished tasks. I used to think I was a robot who could do it all, until I hit a wall going about 90 mph. After picking up the pieces (and in all transparency I am still picking up some pieces) the concept of “no” has been my saving grace to protect my sanity.

Reminder 3: Life Is A Journey

You may have veered off of your “path”, but your journey has many routes to get to the destination. This thing called life is not a cookie cutter journey. There are probably many times throughout your expedition, where you fall to your knees with absolutely no understanding of what you are doing in life. Maybe you feel like you are just going through the motions. Trust me, it’s not always a walk in the park when trying to find your way in life. Maybe the struggle is attributed to the fact that you have no idea what you want in life. Or maybe you know exactly what you want to evolve into, but you are not the slightest bit informed on what it takes to accomplish this. You begin to rethink the goals you once established, and even doubt the skills and knowledge you possess. Life is a journey, that offers many sites to see. It’s okay to venture off the course and check out new attractions, but don’t let these things make you doubt your own path.

Reminder 4: Gratitude Is A Daily Decision

There is actual evidence that gratefulness can improve every area of your life. It’s one of those emotions that often subdue other emotions. I even think it has a magnetic pull, that allows your gratitude in one area, to overflow into the next. In society, gratitude is mainly discussed during the holiday’s, and that’s probably why the phrase “Holiday Cheer” was coined. But to make gratitude a perpetual practice, it can be the difference maker in how you are impacted by the peaks and valleys of life.

Reminder 5: No Need to be Someone’s Cup of Tea… Be Their Glass of Water

You are the only person who knows, and will ever know, what life feels like inside of your body. You know what it is that makes you feel queasy, and also what gives you that twinkle in your eye. With that being said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking advice from others, but what you choose to digest is totally up to you. We all experience different things in life that allow us to relate to other individuals. On the other hand, some of our experiences may not impact others. So it may not be my position in life to digest what you have to say, but I respect your experiences and I will use it to provide new perspectives on life. Fresh perspectives make way for a new level of empathy, helping to bring about a more harmonious life. Your digestive tract may not be lined with the proper material to withstand the way that other’s live their life, but allow this new perspective to expand your level of patience, love, and understanding.

Reminder 6: Boundaries Are Necessary

Boundaries are a very important piece in self-care, as it mitigates and prevents negative forces from permeating through that positive and happy shield we create every morning we rise.

Reminder 7: You Can’t Start Writing your New Chapter if you Haven’t Acknowledged and Accepted What is Already in Ink

     Accepting our story is one of the most challenging things to do. We spend so much time wanting to shred and burn previous chapters in life, causing us to begin to drown in a sea of regret. We live our life going back and forth, pondering on the “would’ve, could’ve, should’ve” of life. Every moment you spend combatting and questioning your past, you are separating yourself from present-day. By pulling out of the present, you have essentially put your pencil down and locked your journal up. Your story has no forward movement.

“To put off your old self, which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt through deceitful desires, and to be renewed in the spirit of your minds, and to put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.”(Ephesians 4:22-24)

Reminder 8: This Is Your Body For The Rest Of Your Life…Use With Care

     For many of us working professionals, parents, and go-getters, sleep often ends up at the bottom of our to do list. Maybe you turn your back to sleep because your racing thoughts prevent you from finding rest, or you subscribe to the idea of sleeping when your time on Earth has expired. Whatever your reason may be, your body is probably begging you to reprioritize sleep and relaxation. Unfortunately, this can also have a domino effect on the type of food we eat and our level of physical engagement. You have to make it a priority to choose your health in every situation. As a busy person, you may be more apt to grab some fast food during a hectic day. That hectic day turns into a hectic week, which turns into a hectic month…and now you might find yourself with some extra pounds that “came out of nowhere”. (Let’s not even get started on working out) We have to be intentional about the care we offer to our body, as this is the only one we get in this journey of life. Be kind to yourself!


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