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Stop Letting Expectations Dictate Your Journey!


Looking back over my life, expectations were calling the shots for me since day one. Whether it was my own personal expectations over my journey, or the implied and seemingly unattainable expectations others imposed on my life. To define the verb ‘expect’ in a simple way, I would say it is the “belief or attachment to an idea that you want to come to fruition.” On the surface, this definition is harmless. You know, we all have expectations like “I expect my that my food will delicious. I expect that I will be treated with respect. I expect that Rihanna’s album will come out soon. I expect that people with a license have the ability to drive safely, and will not do any reckless activities on the road.” All of those expectations seem fair enough, right? But what happens when these expectations are not fulfilled. Does your attachment to these ideas alter your view on life? Ultimately, the expectations you set are apart of the process of manifesting the desires of your life. When our desires are not met, it leaves room for negative feelings to creep in and take the wheel. Those feelings like fear and doubt that make you feel less than…even though it’s already been established that we are Kings and Queens!

That’s why it is important along your journey to operate with intention, as it does not leave room for you to judge how “correct” you were in situations, as you were guided with intent and purpose that comes from within. After all, instructions from the heart don’t deserve to be punished. I’m not encouraging you to be completely detached from your decision making and your outlook on life, but I want to bring to your attention how your perceptions become your reality.

The truth is, time and time again, I’ve found that if God always met my simple-minded expectations, it would never leave the opportunity for Him to blow my mind. In my life lately, I’ve chosen to surrender those “premeditated resentments” and open my heart to purpose.

All in all, I’m not telling you to live a life without expectations, but I encourage you to open your expectations up to intention, faith, and wisdom. It’s okay to have a certain outlook on your journey, but it’s definitely okay to be open to what your journey has in store for YOU. Just remember to keep in mind, that every new day you are afforded, is a new opportunity to keep pushing! The best way to not let yourself down, is to make the best out of every moment! Missed expectations and all!

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