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Is Your Recycle Bin of Life Holding You Back?


In the age of technology, a great portion of our life seems to be consumed by emails, downloads, documentation, etc. But what happens when they no longer serve us any purpose? We send them straight to the recycle bin! Oftentimes, we begin to hoard those items. You know…those things that we can’t quite let go because “it might become important again”, or “ it’s there for peace of mind”? Well we tend to do the same thing in our day-to-day life, whether it’s intentional or unintentional. We make the decision to “delete” deplorable and unhealthy behavior, or even toxic people out of our life, only to keep them stowed away in that “rainy day bucket”.

I refer to this as the “Life Recycling Syndrome”. I’m going to take a wild guess, and say that you have probably fell victim to this syndrome a few times throughout your journey. (Maybe you’re even going through it at this very moment) This doesn’t even have to be as drastic as keeping a degrading ex on reserve. The times where we break up, just to turn around and make up with the very person who brings pure misery to our life. But this can be as simple as our food options. You decide that you are embarking on a healthier lifestyle, so you move all of your junk food to an “out of reach” place in your kitchen. The problem is that when that craving creeps in on day three or four, you decide to take a small item from your reserve drawer. Unfortunately, that small item can potentially turn into the entire reserve. (Maybe your will power and discipline is greater than mine) Now my friend…we are back at square one.

But have you ever thought about how liberating it could be to rid yourself of dead weight? Those unhealthy behaviors, just like those old files on your computer, were cast away for a reason. They do not serve any beneficial purpose in your life. They are holding you back from having the capacity to receive. You are so focused on what was, that you totally miss out on what is and what could be. They are the very things that hold your mind hostage, keeping you discouraged. For example, I used to move applications and downloads to the recycle bin on my computer when I was done using them. I no longer needed these files, but I continued to let them sit there in my recycle bin. [OSOM: Out of sight, out of mind] Until the day of reckoning when I had a something very important to do, but my computer ran slow as a snail, leaving me burdened and hopeless. It wasn’t until I began to delete those items permanently from my computer, that I began to regain strength and efficiency.

You can apply this concept to your life, in order to bring about a larger capacity to receive and a greater processing speed. So my suggestion for you is to boldly press DELETE. Free your life of those things that may be holding you hostage, for liberation can be waiting for you at the click of a button.

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