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Unplug and Unwind: Reward Your Body With Sleep


For many of us working professionals, parents, and go-getters, sleep often ends up at the bottom of our to do list. Maybe you turn your back to sleep because your racing thoughts prevent you from finding rest, or you subscribe to the idea of sleeping when you’re time on Earth has expired; whatever your reason may be, your body is probably begging you to reprioritize sleep and relaxation.

Your body is a vessel that has the ability to be broken or worn down, if not properly maintained. Just as we must get the proper maintenance on our cars throughout the year, whether it’s filling up the gas tank, changing the oil, or replacing the tires… the TLC we give to our car, helps to ensure that it functions in a healthy way. This is the same thing for our bodies. If we don’t allow our bodies the necessary time to rejuvenate and replenish, we run the risk of having our body being thrown out of wack. Also just like our vehicles, if we wait until it is about to break down in order to take the necessary measures, it becomes extremely difficult to get everything back in line. Something that would have cost $150, now costs $5000.

I am by no means an expert on cognition and things of that nature, but I think I have a pretty decent understanding of my own body. I must say that I feel a difference in the way I approach my day when I have allowed my body to rest, versus running on E.

Whatever you identify as your place of rest, whether it is a bed, a couch, or a pallet on the floor… DEDICATE IT TO REST. When your body tells you it’s time to go to sleep, don’t go hop in the bed, only to scroll through instagram with your thumb ready to double tap. I’m sure this is normally the time that you plug your smart phone, tablet, and maybe even your smart watch into a power source, in order to replenish the power loss during the day. Do the opposite with your body, and unplug all of those things that have your mind wired. Find what helps you to wind down and clear your mind before going to bed. Maybe it’s a bubble bath, meditation, prayer, or reading a book. Whatever your technique may be, I encourage you to do this at least 30 minutes before bed, to bring your body to a relaxed state. Those instagram posts will be waiting for you in the morning my friend.

All of those big dreams and goals you have for your life, depend on you taking care of yourself today, in order to nurture those plans in a healthy way. No, you don’t have to sleep 10 hours a day, but please make sure you take the time to power down daily. Your body sure does appreciate it.

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